NEW Azure Standards Drop Location!

NEXT TRICYCLE FARMS BUYING CLUB ORDER DUE May 26! If YOU would like to order from Tricycle Farms Buying Club but don’t want to pay the 7% delivery fee, we now have the option to set you up with direct ordering! You need to be willing to come meet the truck to pick up your order at a very specific time. Check out my blog at: for delivery dates- usually the truck comes in the evening. The location is the old Westside Party Store a mile or so east of the highway, right on M-89. The truck has a nice spot to pull in here, however this building is for sale, so if someone buys it eventually we may have to change the drop location (personally, I think it would make a great local food hub/natural foods Co-Op!). If you’d like more info. or have questions about how the whole buying club thing works, submit your question through the ‘Contact Me’ page on my blog (, Facebook PM me, or contact me via cell phone @ two.six.nine. four.five.five.

Best, Kelli


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