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We seem now to be coming to a time when we will have to recognize the love of farming not as a quaint souvenir of an outdated past but as an economic necessity.

Wendell Berry, farmer and writer

Wendell Berry speech from 2009 regarding the necessity of agriculture. Check out the link here!


“There are certain guidelines and standards already set up for unacceptable ingredients.

Azure’s panel members automatically eliminate foods that contain artificial preservatives, fluoride, GMO’s, pork products, shellfish products, coffee, alcoholic products, tobacco, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and colors, bleached flours, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and nitrates/nitrites. Even if “natural flavors” are listed, we get a breakdown of those since so many things can be hidden as “natural flavors”. If a product contains corn, canola, soy, sugar, etc. that could be GMO, we check to see if these ingredients are genetically-modified or not and require the company to send us a GMO-free statement.”

Check out this link to a great article by our main buying club distributor, Azure Standards, on their standards! They are truly commited to a healthy food supply for our nation, and this is why I am choosing to buy from them. There is also a great link to Dr. Phil Howard, an assistant professor at Michigan State, whose research includes looking at food systems. The link ( shows shows the organic processing industry changes from 1995 to 2007 and how the independent organic brands were acquired by multinational food processors. Azure Standards is the fourth largest natural and organic food distributor in the country, yet they proudly remain family-owned. I encourage everyone to check out the links and learn more about where our food supply originates!