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Do you get your buying club goods delivered? CHECK OUT LINK for important changes!

Hi all, I’ve decided to change up how we do our delivery orders a little bit to keep things simpler for the both of us. Delivery orders will now order through their own account via the Azure Standard website, the link provides all the info. you need to set that up. You will check out your cart by the due date, and pay directly to Azure. We can still deliver your order for a small fee (suggested donation currently is @ seven percent), you can reimburse us directly for that when we drop off your order. The online ordering process is pretty streamlined and simple, and you can save ‘favorites’ and items to your cart like any retail website. The December order is due next Tuesday, the 10th by 7 pm. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have questions or run into any issues. Thanks and happy holidays to one and all!


December 2013 ‘Sharing is Caring’ list- save $$$ through bulk purchasing @ Tricycle Farms Buying Club!



Get your orders to me by next Tuesday December 10, 7 pm! You will have to pay Tricycle Farms Buying Club directly to receive the price breaks on these items. If you don’t care about the price breaks, you can order direct through the Azure website (click here to create an online account!) Just let me know how many of each you would like, then get your cash, check, or debit/credit card info. to me by the pickup day- Thursday, December 19. Happy holidays, everyone! (Please click on the pictures for information on the items, they are linked to the Azure website). 


Fresh Organic Pineapple- $3.50 each- SAVE about $2.50 per pineapple. Fruits about 2 lbs each. Top your Christmas ham, great for a healthy side dish or snacking healthy & smoothies! Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. It is also a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, copper and dietary fiber. 



Organic Valley Parmesan Cheese- $3.90 per tub. 4 ounces (approx. 1 cup of cheese). Save @ $0.40 per tub compared to buying by the each at Azure, save much more compared to retail/natural food store price!



Organic Romaine Hearts- pack of 3. $3 each, save $1 per pack. Organic Romaine Hearts are an excellent source of vitamin A and folate. This leafy green is also packed with lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidents shown to promote eye health. Another antioxidant found in romaine hearts, beta-carotene, converts to vitamin A in the body. Excellent for those yummy chopped salads, Ceasar salads, etc! Gotta get your greens :).


Natural Value Organic Coconut Milk- $2.25 per can. Save $0.25 per can. I love love love this brand for canned goods, they do not use the problematic BPA in their can lining like other brands… or ‘guar gum’ like other popular brands. I just used the last can of mine on this recipe from Farmhouse Table’s most excellent food blog. It was an easy one pan dish and I loved it! Seriously, I could drink this stuff. If you like curries, this is a pantry staple. Also a great dairy/vegan substitute in your pumpkin pie or smoothies! 

NO IMAGE AVAILABLE– Rumiano pasture butter. $2.15 per lb., save about $0.20 per lb. Rumiano butter is not certified organic, but the milk comes from cows that are pasture fed year round (on the California coast) on pesticide free grass. The price is too good to pass up! The taste compared to conventional butters is much richer, and the butter has a deep yellow color, which comes from it’s high retinol (vitamin A) content. Check out this brief blog article from Empowered Sustenance on why butter is the new super food!





Buying Club goodies...

Buying Club Goodies. Just a glimpse of the yumminess; clink on pic for more! Next orders due July 21 for delivery and July 24 if you are willing to come meet the semi in Fennville with us!


Tricycle Farm Buying Club Order due April 26!

Order due at Azure Standards, click here to link to our distributor! 

Save money on organic, natural food and home goods. Fresh organic produce. Bulk and single item ordering. No minimum order! Free to join. No monthly obligation. Small delivery fee for delicious healthy food! Delivery will be May 3 or May 4 (Friday night or Saturday day). Delivery to: Holland/Zeeland, Hamilton, Allegan, Fennville, Pullman, and Ganges/Glenn areas. ORDER anytime this week (through April 26) at: Tricycle Farms Buying Club’s ordering page.

Contact Kelli with any questions!

We seem now to be coming to a time when we will have to recognize the love of farming not as a quaint souvenir of an outdated past but as an economic necessity.

Wendell Berry, farmer and writer

Wendell Berry speech from 2009 regarding the necessity of agriculture. Check out the link here!