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I love love love this tea by Strand Tea Co. that I just discovered through the buying club! It’s called Sundew tea (top left in pic), it’s a Sencha Green Tea, with dried mango and apricots, sunflower blossoms, red rose blossoms, & cornflower blossoms. The smell is amazingly fruity and the taste is even better! Balanced and delicate.. Since switching from coffee to tea a while back in order to decrease my caffeine consumption, I wanted to experiment with different types and flavors of tea to keep things interesting. I also really enjoy gunpowder green tea. It’s got a more robust, smoky, earthy taste compared to the Sundew. The one on the right is also concocted by Strand Tea, it’s called Hawaiian Paradise Fruit Tea, and boy is it fruity. Simple and yummy ingredients: Dried Apple, Dried Blackberry, Dried Elderberry, Dried Cherry, Dried Raspberry, Hibiscus Flower. Good for kids and adults, hot or iced!

Picture 266

Azure Standard ordering info: TE288- Strand Tea Sundew Green Tea, Natural– 4 oz. $4.35

HS688- Oregon’s Wild Harvest Green Tea (Gunpowder) Cut & Sifted Camellia– 4 oz. $5.60

TE289- Strand Tea Hawaiian Paradise Fruit Tea, Natural – 4 oz. $2.85

My husband loves green jasmine (think Chinese restaurant tea). Equal Exchange has some in teabags that is wonderful any time of day (though not totally decaf!). The description appropriately  reads- “An elixir for the mind and soul.”


Azure Standard ordering info: TE328- Jasmine Green Tea, Organic– 1 box of 20 teabags, $3.85

Picture 271

A few more of our favorite things from Azure Standard:

GY971- Equal Exchange Spicy Hot Cocoa, Organic– 12 oz $7.00

FG295- Amy’s Margherita Pizza– 13 oz. $7.90

Country Life Granola: Item # 010355- Cherry Almond Granola– 3 lbs. $9.75

Picture 269

More Country Life Natural Foods items:

Organic, GMO Free Corn Chips (the crunchiest, corny-est corn chips you’ll ever taste!)- they also have blue ones that are very yummy. Vinegar free salsa, this is the gourmet stuff, not a bad price seeing as some fancy salsas can sell for $7-9 bucks!

Item # 371601- Tortilla Chips, Yellow – Organic– 16 oz. $3.65

Item # 351601- Salsa, Garden Fresh– 16 oz. $4.50

Picture 267

Azure Standard nuts & berries:

NU058- Organic Raw Walnuts– 2 lbs. $23.50

FG025- Sunset Valley Organics Blueberries, Frozen, Organic– 10 lbs. $48.00

(GREAT price for organic, sounds like a lot of blueberries but you will use them a lot- in smoothies, muffins, granola & ice cream topper, etc!)

FG010- Bulk Blackberries, Frozen, Natural– 10 lbs. $20.90

Picture 272

More Azure Standard Products, Pantry Staples:

OL165- Earth Circle Organics Coconut Oil, Raw, Cold Pressed, Organic– 16 oz. $9.25

OL034- Bionaturae Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed, Organic– 25.4 oz. $14.90

BP282- Earth Circle Organics Himalayan Crystal Salt, Fine– 1 lb. $4.35

Description: Himalayan Crystal Salt is the finest natural sea salt, offering many of the trace elements and minerals that are essential for life.

SE099- Bulk Chia Seeds, Whole, Black, Organic– 1 lb. $8.50

Description: Tiny black seeds, smaller than millet and typically contain 20% protein, 34% oil, 25% dietary fiber, and significant levels of antioxidants. The oil from chia seeds contains a very high concentration of omega-3 fatty acid – about 64%. Chia seed may be eaten raw as a dietary fiber and omega-3 supplement. Grinding chia seeds produces a meal which can be made into porridge or cakes, breads, and biscuits. Chia seeds can be soaked in water or fruit juice. (I soak them in o.j or cherry juice when I get up in the morning and let them soak while getting ready. I take my healthy ‘jello shot’ before heading to work!)


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    1. kelli borgman Post author

      I know, right? I loved the crust, and the sauce tasted so fresh. Richard said it was one of the best pizzas ever, pretty good review for frozen pizza! 🙂 Let me know if you want to go in on a case for next time… LOL nice for a quick weeknight or weekend dindin.

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