Tricycle Farms Buying Club

Join Tricycle Farms Buying Club


Enjoy eating all natural and organic foods?

Want to start eating less processed food for health reasons?

Take supplemental herbs &/or vitamins?

Purchase earth friendly home cleaning products and other ‘green’ household items?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, consider becoming a member of Tricycle Farms Buying Club!

It’s free to join and you can enjoy savings of 20-60% off retail prices, depending on the category. You can save even more through a buying club by purchasing in bulk; however if you are single, a small family or do not wish to purchase in bulk the distributor we work with do allow single item purchases. You can also shop monthly sales for even deeper discounts! We split items as a group once in a while, so stay tuned… I try to post splits/sharing items a week or so ahead of time, and I welcome suggestions!

We can deliver your order if you would like us to, once you place your order via the Azure Standard website, contact me and I will get back to you soon regarding a quote for delivery. It will be 7% of your order total, due when we drop off your goods (cash or check preferred, can do debit/credit with advanced notice, for 3% fee). Tricycle Farms is located a few miles south of Fennville, MI, so we are centrally located to deliver to Holland, Saugatuck-Douglas, Fennville, Hamilton, Allegan and Pullman areas. We will extend our delivery radius on a case by case basis, we welcome inquiries!

“As a dietitian and foodie, I get excited about helping others with their health goals via meal planning and nutrition choices. If you need help navigating the myriad of choices from our fine distributors to discover what food supply might work best for your health and budget, please contact me through the ‘Contact Me’ page”.

We have large coolers to keep refrigerated and frozen items sufficiently cool until drop off and monitor temperatures regularly for food safety and freshness. If you are not available the day the order comes, we can either arrange to put your items in a specified discreet location at your home or arrange to drop off items another day. You can also order with friends, and put one person in charge of picking up everyone’s order, or we can deliver it all to one person’s home.

Our drop number is #D796105, which you will need when submitting your order via The pickup location is the old West Side party store west of Fennville, about a mile east of the I-196 Fennville exit. Address is: 6580 124th Ave (M-89) Fennville, MI 49408.

NOTE: Azure Standard says you have to order at least $50. If you don’t have $50 in your cart and still want to order, contact us, we may be able to order your items in our cart & you can just pay us instead!

How Ordering and Payments work:

If you order is damaged or spoiled or you are unhappy with the quality of your goods for any reason, Azure’s customer service department responds quickly and I have had good experience in the past. I have usually gotten a credit toward next month’s order, or if you just want to return an item, there is a process for that also. All you have to do is call their customer service line!

Just submit your cart before the due date (there is a schedule here – WE ARE ON ROUTE Q3 – & there’s also a ‘countdown’ in your shopping cart). You can pay with credit/debit or do COD.

NOTE: If we are picking up your order and delivering it to you and you choose COD, you just have to make sure to arrange to get us the cash sometime before the order gets dropped off!

If you’d like to go ahead and set up your account, get started here. Order a paper catalog here. When you are ready to place your order, make sure to actually ‘submit’ the order.  You will be prompted to put in our drop number so it gets put on the truck with our order. OUR DROP # is D796105. Let me know if you have any questions, and you can always contact Azure’s customer service if you run into any trouble.

While Azure Standard offers some great organic produce, we also encourage you to buy local and seasonal when possible. We will also be offering our own Tricycle Farms organic produce for sale as well. Our farm is still pretty small so our selection will vary depending on season; we grow a nice variety of chemical free, non-GMO and heirloom vegetables and herbs. We only use organically certified seed from reputable companies, and are committed to organic and biodynamic practices that help our soil grow the most nutrient dense, flavorful vegetables we can! We’ll update our site regularly to let you know what’s growing on our farm!

Check Out our Distributors!

 Azure Standard:

Azure Standard is based out of Oregon. Their fuel surcharge is 8.5% of your order, which will be added to your purchase.

Azure Standard Catalog (LARGE FILE- PDF)

We are also able to order from Frontier via their wholesale site. If we order $250 as a group, we can get FREE SHIPPING!

Frontier Co-op:

Frontier Co-op Catalog

Country Life Natural Foods:

Country Life Natural Foods Catalog

ORDER from Frontier or Country Life Natural Foods BELOW! I will contact you shortly with order details and to arrange payment. 

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